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If you, like many others, suddenly find yourself with a lot of “down time.” We highly recommend using it to stay connected, reach out to your friends, family, and neighbors. Now is the time to come together, support each other, check on each other and lift each other up. We’ve gathered a few ways you can reconnect, make new connections, or simply stayconnected during this time.

Stay in contact: Just because stay-at-home orders are in place, doesn’t mean you need to cut off all contact with people. Call, text, video chat, even email your loved ones, even if it’s just to check in and say “Hi.”

Celebrate: A great way to stay connected is to continue to celebrate birthday’s, anniversaries and other milestones. You can check out or blog post on fun ways to celebrate while social distancing by clicking here.

Keep up with your workout buddy: If you have a workout buddy, virtually workout together. If you have fitness goals you were working on before this pandemic, make sure you are holding each other accountable. Text each other motivational quotes, share healthy recipes, video chat to discuss technique or form.

Be extra neighborly: Connect with neighbors by bringing them meals, dropping off groceries, or even just asking how they’re doing, or if they need anything next time you see them.

Volunteer from afar: If you’re looking for ways to give back while getting involved with others, identify those in need and raise money through challenges or simply by driving traffic to a site or donation page, set up a food drive, gather PPE for healthcare workers, get your crew to sew masks!

Meet up for an almost in-person meal: Have a virtual meal with family and friends, or you could even try picking a spot to meet and eat in your separate cars! It’s good to get out and see each other, while maintaining proper distance.

Make some fun future plans with pals or your significant other: Now is a great time to dream big! After this is all over, everyone will be due for a much needed vacation, why not start planning it now! If possible, start saving money, pick a destination, then break it down! Research shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, must-see sites, plan your perfect trip! It’ll feel nice having something to get excited about and look forward to!

Engage your kids: Make sure you kids are staying connected to family, and even friends. Being completely removed from their friends might be stressful, try setting up virtual play dates, or take a walk to their friends house, make sure they keep at least 6 feet of distance, but let them catch up!

Reacquaint yourself with good some old-fashioned letter writing: Now is great time to write letters! Even if you talk to someone regularly, it’s fun getting a letter in the mail, plus it helps to mix things up!

Rediscover your connections from the past. Call your extended family, old friends, coworkers, colleagues, or classmates you haven’t had the time to connect with before now or that you keep forgetting to reach out to.

Get Crafty: Put together a gift box, make a card, do arts and crafts with the kiddos, and send the results to friends and family. It’s a fun activity, and it’s sure to put a smile on the recipients face. It’s always nice getting a surprise in the mail!

Connect with like-minded individuals to discuss interests and experiences:Try an app or join a new forum that connects you with a new community!

Keep your support groups going:If you’ve been counting on a weekly or monthly support group to get you through the hard times, you’ll likely need it more than ever in the midst of all of the coronavirus panic. Thus talk to group organizers to get meetings like AA, NA, Al-Anon, step studies, church groups, etc. to be virtual meetings.

Plan the same activities with your friends: Pick a craft from Pinterest, or create a challenge. Have everyone participate, and share your results with each other!

Spend meaningful technology-free time with the people you live with: Do a puzzle together, go for a walk, try baking! Now is a great time to turn off the TV, put your phone down, and spend some time together!

Don’t forget about your coworkers: Make sure you check on your coworkers! Sometimes we forget that they are a regular part of our lives, it’s good to check in and see how they are doing.

Post about small businesses: Many small businesses are taking a hit right now and social media is a powerful word-of-mouth tool. Post about your favorite restaurant that is offering pick-up and delivery, encourage people support small businesses by shopping through their online sites, buy gift cards to local businesses that you can use once things return to normal, if you’re missing your favorite nail tech or hairstylist be sure to give them a shoutout, hopefully that will turn your friends, family and followers into future clients.

Start a garden with your family: Spring has sprung! With all of your down time, now is the perfect opportunity to start a family garden. You can order seeds online, let everyone pick the fruits, vegetables or flowers they want. You can make a day of planting the seeds together, and watering the garden can be a fun, new responsibility for your kiddos!

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