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Phone Extensions

If you would like to call someone on our staff directly, please call our main number at 303-659-7600 and dial the staff member’s extension at any time.

Staff Member Extension Position
101 Receptionist
107 Administrative Medical Assistant
Amanda B. 110 Medical Assistant for Garrett Larson, PA-C
Sara R. 114 Clinic Manager
Devin R. 115 Medical Assistant for Heather Smallwood, PA-C
Desiree M. 116 Medical Assistant for Shawna Karman, PA-C
Julie S. 117 Medical Assistant for Tony Euser, D.O.
Sara D. 121 Medical Assistant for Tana Smith, MD
Alisha M. 128 Medical Assistant for JP Halfen, PA-C
Mariah S. 403 Billing Representative
Natasha U. 515 Director of Operations