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Protecting you and your family against the influenza virus this flu season is Platte River Medical Clinic’s top priority. Our staff is encouraging our patients to get their flu shot early to help combat against this year’s flu season. The flu shot is available at our primary care location or at any of our urgent care locations.

Sick Season

Fall and winter seasons are typically the “sick season.” The flu season is typically from early October to late March. Help your community lower the number of flu cases seen this season, by getting your flu shot now. Finding ways to protect your family against the influenza virus is a must. By getting the flu shot you are also helping those around you and helping minimize the risk of influenza, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Who Is A High-Risk Patient for Influenza?

Young children, woman who are pregnant, and the elderly are at a higher risk when they are exposed to the influenza virus. Why should pregnant women get the flu shot? Studies conducted by the CDC show that women who receive the flu shot during their pregnancy have helped their newborn combat the influenza virus more easily. 

There Is No Guarantee Against Influenza

If you or your family get the flu shot there is no guarantee that you will not get the flu. If you get the flu after receiving the flu shot, the severity of the illness is reduced because you got the shot. The flu shot only helps your body fight against certain strains of the virus. In most cases, however, if you get the flu shot you are better protected than if you don’t.

Did you know that even if you don’t regularly get sick you can be a carrier for the influenza virus? Help protect those around you by getting your flu shot today. Flu vaccines are free with most insurance. Stop by Platte River Medical Clinic if you are an established patient with no appointment necessary to get your flu shot today.